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Stationary or Patrol -- discusses the duties, responsibilities, and differences between guards at a stationary or static post and guards that patrol on foot or by vehicle.
Armed or Unarmed-- do you need an armed guard? This page discusses the pros and cons to hiring armed guards.
Uniform or Plain Clothes-- two distinctly different types of security officers are explained here.
Interactive Systems-- the latest in technology allows one operator to monitor dozens, hundreds and even thousands of cameras without leaving his or her chair.
Background Checks-- a very important step in the hiring process.
Interviewing-- after you have filtered the resumes, this step is next.
Training-- required in most states prior to receiving a 'guard card'.
Guard Service Companies-- companies that hire, train, and supply private guards.
Wages and Other Costs-- average costs for a security guard in the US.
Resources additional resources of interest to the security industry.
Equipment-- description of equipment necessary to protect the property and the guard.
Self Defense-- a 'must have' skill for those in a position of risk.
Government Licensing-- how to get your 'guard card'.

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